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Business Advisory Services

Management Meetings

We can facilitate monthly or quarterly management meetings with you to review the performance of your business and address any issues that may arise. These meetings are designed not only to review past performance but also to identify future opportunities for your business, and determine strategies to maximise returns.

Annual Review Meeting

Accurate and detailed information gives you the confidence to make the right decisions. On completion of the Annual Financial Statements we provide a review meeting to discuss financial performance and identify any value-add opportunities. 

Monthly/Quarterly Management Reports

Management reporting is an important tool to monitor financial performance and control the critical factors in your business. The quality of information is an important factor in the decision making process. 

Our reporting provides you:

• Confidence in the integrity of your accounts;

• Knowledge of the relationship between profitability, cash flow and the balance sheet;

• A clear picture of how the business is performing;

• Monitoring and analysis of cash flow.

Net Worth Analysis

We can calculate your net asset position on a year to year basis. This allows you to see your assets and liabilities on a consolidated basis across all entities and shows whether you wealth is growing.   

Budgeting & Forecasting

A budget and forecast sets the targets for the coming period and details projected income, expenditure and cash flow. We can help you prepare a budget that focuses on achieving desired outcomes and assist you to convert projections to actual performance.

Benchmarking - Your Business Compared to Your Peers

Peer to peer comparison to other businesses in your industry is a valuable tool in understanding your market position and helps you to identify areas that can be improved. We can prepare a report showing how your business compares with the market.

Monthly/Quarterly Strategic Meetings, Business Monitoring and Business Planning

Strategic planning (business, family and personal) is critical to the success of any business. As a business leader you must have clarity on where you are now, where you would like to be, and how to get there. These decisions require regular review and ongoing monitoring. We will facilitate regular strategic meetings with you to review issues and assess financial performance.

Structure Review

Having an appropriate structure is one of the foundation blocks of a successful business. We can help you establish a structure that provides asset protection, ease of administration and tax minimisation.

Assistance/Advice for Finance/Bank Negotiations

We can provide you with advice and deal directly with financiers to structure your debt and ensure that you get the best deal from the banks. This service includes assistance with financing a new business, dealing with cash flow issues, acquiring new assets and restructuring business and personal debt.

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